Bathroom Solutions:Latest Trendz

Bathroom Solutions:Latest Trendz

Posted on : 09 Dec, 2014 01:58PM

Bathrooms have evolved from being just functional spaces to spaces focusing on hygiene and well-being. It is often used as a getaway from the world, a place to relax and pamper yourself. Bathrooms now are technology- driven conveniences and comes with a choice of experiences through outstanding designs, textures, space and water saving ideas.

Bathroom design trends for 2013 revolves around the idea of making bathrooms a spacious sanctuary with beautiful lighting and rich stonework. It is now a way for people to make style statement focusing on comfort and wellness. Explore the numerous trends in making your bathroom, your style statement:

  • Technology integrated bath:

    In order to enhance consumers' experience, top players in the industry are finding ways to integrate technology with toilets, baths and showers. The most common technologies that are integrated are chroma-therapy, UV cleaning and touch interface. Features also include audio system with AM/FM radio and auxiliary input with easy access to personal play lists podcast and so on, creating a personalised atmosphere

    The latest designer products offers personalised hydrotherapy experience in bath that makes use of music's undeniable mood-enhancing quality, with speakers to emit sound of waves that envelop and gently resound within the body with chromotherapy lights.


  • Elegant and smart fittings:

    Bathroom fitting today have to be user and environmental-friendly, energy efficient, water-saving, lead-free and stylish, with ease to integrate in to any bathroom. Globally, chrome finishes are in demand, yet many are intrigued by silver and gold highlights. Minimal and stylish designed are now preferred over bulky, cumbersome fittings.

    Manufacturers are getting smart about reducing toilet and faucet water use. Hands-free faucets are used widely by homeowners as it makes saving water easy and affordable. Low-flow toilets that offer dual-flush are also in-demand.

  • Walls, Tiles and colours:

    Designing bathrooms are now carried out with certain focus, experimenting with different colour pallets, forms and textures. Bright colours are often used to decorate walls of bathroom, earthy, nature-inspired hues remain the order of the day – with whites, off-whites, beige browns and greys being the most popular colours.

    A popular way of adding colour is by including brightly coloured mosaic tiles as borders, tile splash backs or shower floors, or by including printed glass shower screens, splash backs or counter tops into the design.

    Highlighter tiles are popular choices in modern bathrooms with equal demand for digital tiles. Other tiling options available in market include marble designs with high level of detailing, wood designs, bamboo tiles, photographic images with vivid real-life pictures, nature inspired designs etc.

  • Bathroom Cabinets

    Cabinetry can make major statement in a bathroom. New styles in cabinetry include exotic woods, textured metals and creative patterns. Floating vanities and cabinetry are the most popular choices in modern bathroom design, as its sleek and elegant. Vertical cabinets continue to grow in popularity, so is mini cabinet.

    Another interesting cabinetry is tub-side refrigeration or medicine cabinet. A portion of these cabinets include refrigeration perfect for storing beauty products like organic skin products, medications that need to be kept cold or even nail polish.

  • Lighting

Lighting of bathrooms have an impact on the real statement of the place, its not merely plain and functional fixtures anymore. Ornate fittings like chandeliers or contemporary pendant fittings are now part of a luxurious bathroom.

Yellow light gives the impression of warmth and luxury whereas white light gives impression of clean, bright and fresh bathroom. However, the most beautiful and healthy bathrooms will have natural light: sunshine.

  • Accessories

Today, items such as soap holders, bathroom shelving, towel racks, robe hooks and toilet roll and toilet brush holders have become beautifully designed collections that can really add to the integrity of the bathroom design

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