Before you build an extra roof

Before you build an extra roof

Posted on : 09 Dec, 2014 02:09PM

An extra roof for your home without spoiling its charm is a difficult target to attain. An additional roof is the first thought that runs in to the mind of a home owner when the summer heat gets unbearable or when the rain pour down breaking your beautiful roof.

Truss roofing is an effective way to shield your home from blazing heat and pouring rains, but if its not done with proper planning, you may end up doing a bad mistake. So when you begin your thought to have a second roof, don't forget to check for the following in order to avoid a big mistake!

  • A Big No to four poles and a roof

    When you plan to have a truss roof, make sure that it goes well with the design of your house. Especially for older homes, this is an unavoidable factor that needs attention. Building the roof in the same level, is accepted as a way to reduce the total cost of truss roofing, however it might give your home a very unpleasant appearance all together. So the roofing should be based on the style of your home, be it a traditional home or a modern home.

  • Don't show of your roof's skeleton

    It is a common mistake that happens even after spending lakhs on truss roofing. Majority of the homes that have Iron pipe roofing end up having disappointing appearance issues. Many times mistakes happen when people use the wrong colour for roofing too. The solution for this would be check and change the angles of the truss depending on the angle of sight.

  • Hire only skilled people

    To achieve the roofing just as your plans, its always the better to hire experienced and skilled people to work on it. Even a minor mistake while roofing can be very evident, so its always better to hire the best to work.

  • False Ceiling

    For truss roofing with clay tiles or metal sheets, its advisable to have false ceiling. The main advantage of the same is that, it would hide all the iron pipes, making it appear better. The other advantage is the amount of heat experienced under truss roofing can be considerably reduced.

  • Give attention to the minutest details

    Apart from buying expensive clay tiles or roofing materials, its more important to give importance to roof drainage, ridges used and even the dropping that is used to guide water to the ground. It always important to use good quality roofing materials too.

  • Use rectangular Tubes in structuring

    Instead of using mild steel piping for roofing structure, you can use rectangular tubes. To give better appearance and durability to structures, it advisable to paint them with epoxy paints.

  • Quick tips all the way

    Little windows can add vibrance to truss roofing. Coloured or painted glasses can also add charm to these roofs. So try out some creative ideas and add life to your second roof.

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