Container Gardening

Container Gardening

Posted on : 09 Dec, 2014 02:08PM

Container gardening can be a great idea to maintain a garden of your own, no matter how the climate is or the space available. You can grow anything in a pot and anywhere, be it an estate or an apartment. So before you begin your own container gardening, there are four important things you should know.

  1. Choosing the right soil: For a successful container garden, the most important ingredient is good potting soil. Make sure to prepare a good mixture of soil that provides excellent drainage and aeration.

  2. Selecting Plants: Choose the right kind of plants that are compatible in terms of light , water, growth and other conditions of the chosen location to maintain your garden. Its always wiser to grow shade and water- loving plants away from dry and sunny plants like thymes. Growing herbs like mint needs a separate pot for itself, as it is an aggressively growing plant.

  3. Watering: Paying attention to watering of container garden would be wise. Plants grown in sunny or hot area might need watering twice a day. Even the plants that outgrow its pot might need more frequent watering.

  4. Container: Container gardening can be made more creative with the type of container used. The size, shape and colour of the container can affect the look and feel of your container garden. You can make use of many everyday objects like a galvanized bucket or even a colander to decorate your garden.

To add colours and some creativity to your container garden, try out some great ideas, here are some ways you reuse some of the most readily available planters at home:

  • Old Shoes: Its one of the most creative ideas to grow some beautiful plants around. Re-use your old shoes and give them new life with beauty.

  • Chairs: You could reuse old chairs by cutting a hole and inserting planters in to it and growing your favorite flowering plants in them

  • Small Handbags: Colourful tote bags or other handled bags to hold some flowering plants can add fun and fashion to your garden.

  • Old tyres: Make use of old tyres lying around as planters. Hang them with a rope and use them to grow creepers. To add colour you could paint them or even try growing creepers around it to give it a look of green wreath

  • Baskets: Use different varieties of decorative or storage baskets to grow any of your favourite container flowers. For wooden baskets to last longer, its better to use a coat of varnish or polyurethane and line them with plastic before planting.

These are just few fun-ideas for container gardening. You could use your own creativity and try using anything around you to add some fun to your garden.

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