For a fresh and nice smelling home

For a fresh and nice smelling home

Posted on : 09 Dec, 2014 02:01PM

A nice-smelling house helps you to begin each day with a fresh mind and pleasant mood. Good fragrance has a calming affect on our mind and it helps us relax after a long, tiring and busy day. Bad odor in the house would not be too pleasing however, a nice soothing aroma in the house can do wonders. So here are some valuable tips on how to make your home smell good and relieve it from all the bad odors.

Getting it right for a fresh smelling home:

  • Get a room freshener of your favorite fragrance and spray it generously in your rooms. The fragrance would not be long lasting so you may have to spray it once or twice during the day.

  • Burn incenses inside the house, to keep it smelling good. Incense has a fresh and florid fragrance and has a calming affect on your mind too.

  • Essential oils is also a great way to keep your house smelling good throughout the day. An aroma therapy diffuser can also be used to disperse the aroma of essential oils in your room.

  • Baking soda has odor absorption properties. Put a table spoon of baking soda at the bottom of your kitchen garbage bin to neutralize the stench of garbage.

  • Use carpet deodorizer before vacuuming the carpets, to keep them smelling good.

  • You can also spray some amount of your favorite perfume on an unlit light bulb. On switching-on the bulb the wonderful fragrance will gradually spread in the entire room, as the perfume gets heated by the bulb.

  • Lighting scented candles for 30 minutes a day can also make your room smell great.

  • Prepare a mixture of your favorite fabric conditioner, detergent ( small amount) and water and spray the solution on the curtains, artificial flowers, carpets and other fabric for a nice-smelling home.

  • Baking bread can give your home its delicious smell and will stay with you throughout the day.

  • A natural way of keeping your house smelling good is to grow herbs in your kitchen.


Don’t smoke inside the house, as tobacco has a very strong smell and no amount of air freshener will be able to counter it.

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