Renovating your home

Renovating your home

Posted on : 09 Dec, 2014 01:57PM

Home is where your heart desires to reach at the end of every day, its your own personal space where your soul finds solace. Emotional attachment with your home can quite often be immense with memories of your beautiful past.

In Kerala, ancient homes that depict the beauty and excellence of architecture of yesteryears are being demolished in order to built homes that claim to be modern. To desire a home with modern amenities is never wrong, yet why not consider renovating your home of your life to a new desirable one.

Renovation is not just about saving money, its also an effort to preserve the appreciable ancient architecture. Your home that might be decades old can still be the same old cozy place for living by adding a little bit of extension to it or renovating the part of the house which you use the least.

If you have already decided on renovating you precious little asset, here are some tips from us:

  • Do your research and prepare your plan

    Before you begin with renovation be sure that you have a very definite plan of what needs to be done. Always remember that you are not building a new home, instead you are building a new and better living space. Your living space would be more beautiful, with all necessary facilities and strong enough to withstand all diversities.

    Along with correcting the damages of your home and doing the possible maintenance, make sure you incorporate new and modern facilities for your home. Before you begin with the renovation its wiser to get advice from a good architect, never attempt with your own plan.


  • Renovation is not wasting money!

    It is a common myth that renovation of homes lead to wastage of money. However, if your home needs better facilities and requires reasonable rework/corrections, it always advisable to renovate your home.

    While undertaking renovation, its important to make sure that your changed home would surely be strong enough to withstand diversities for coming decades too.


  • Renovation and Vaastu

    Vaastu of a home deals with the science of balancing air and light inside it. Vaastu is a science related to building of homes, never make it your superstitious belief. Renovating your home should be done considering these facts. If you are strong believer of vaastu, make sure you do a vaastu analysis before proceeding for renovation.

  • Eco-friendly renovation

    Environment friendly approach for renovating homes is always advisable. Windows, doors and other reusable articles of the home should be appropriately used in the renovated home. This would not only reduce the cost of renovation, but also enable to be environment-friendly by reducing the need for cutting down more trees.

  • Low-cost construction

    Jump in to renovating your home only when you have considered the money you plan to spend for it the the exact plan on what you wish to achieve. In a desire to carry out low-cost construction, do not end up using cheap building materials as this can lead to great loses later.

    While renovating go for less fancy materials and planned designing, always remember that minimum resources and maximum utility would give you best results.

Some Quick Tips

  • For old homes, uses GI tubes structure instead of wooden structure to hold clay tiles.

  • Opt for ceramic flooring over marble or marbonite

  • If the fissures on the wall measure to quarter an inch or half an inch, clipping would be the best solution.

  • Do not renovate your home, if its below the level of the road. There can be possible stagnation of water around the home, leading to high moisture level making the building weaker.

  • White wash the walls of your home with powdered limestone to prevent it from algal and fungal attacks.

Let your home match your imagination and yet be where your memories rest!

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