Lighting Trends

Lighting Trends

Posted on : 09 Dec, 2014 01:59PM

A light for every need marks the latest trend in lighting a home. With changing trends, lighting has evolved from 'filling the room' to a more personalised and customised concept based on need and situations. These latest trends enable the use of variations in intensity and colour of light to generate 'effective creations' in a room.

Latest lighting trends also offers personalised lighting which helps you in creating an ambiance to suit your likes and taste. To achieve the right kind of lighting that best suits your desire, make sure you give importance to your homes lighting right from the planning phase. Lighting is usually decided based on the size and use of the room, also keeping in mind the amount of sunlight it gets.

If you are planning to built your dream home, why not consider illumination that would touch your soul and mind every day.

  • Beautiful Interiors:

    According to the present design law, pressing a switch, not just illuminates the space, but it also defines the identity of the interiors. Architects and designers consider lighting as an important and attractive feature for the interiors and not just as something that would go with it. It would be interesting to know that good lighting can give a magical touch to the colours, textures, decor and even the furniture of a home.

    Lighting can be chosen based on the style of interiors too, be it contemporary, classic or traditional. Contemporary lightings are mainly manufactured in steel and glass whereas classic lighting are mainly made of wood, cast-iron, bronze and so on and when it comes to traditional lighting its mainly a combination of wood and steel.


  • Rare Lights:

    Decorating living rooms and lounges with rare lighting has caught the fancy of many home-owners now. These kind of lights are specially designed by architects to match with the theme of the home or even its interiors. These customised designer lights are in high demand and are manufactured in factories based on the designs provided.

  • LED Lights:

    LED lights are now revolutionising the lighting scenario. The cost of these lights have considerably plunged in the recent time and these lights consume 40% less electricity compared to CFL , making it a popular choice.

    LED lights can be used for concealed lighting and cove lighting, the ones used to light between false ceiling and wall. These lights are also perfect for highlighting a particular object in a room as a spot light or as floor lights to illuminate a path. Its water-proof feature makes it the right choice for swimming pools too.


  • Intelligent lights:

    Automated lighting is yet another trend for homes these days. This technology enables illumination of homes without the use of a switch, even if its to light a room or to put it off. The latest innovation in light automation enables control of lights in your home from anywhere in the world using your mobile phones of laptops. Automation is not just to put the lights on and off, going further you can even decide when it should be lit or put off and for how long.. Lights with sensors are also in use, most popular sensors detect motion, sound and heat. Use of automated facility ensures lower wastage/ usage of electricity, making it a popular choice for modern homes.

  • Cabinet Lights:

    Lighting up cabinets are now taken up with the same essence of importance as lighting a room. Kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, living room niches and everything similar comes under the category of cabinet lighting. These lights are designed in order to light up the whole cabinet as its doors are opened. The use of sensors that work on batteries, facilitates this kind of lighting. Under-cabinet lighting is yet another attraction for kitchens, with lights under the counter tops, giving it the desired elegance.

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