Get your home ready, monsoon is here again!

Get your home ready, monsoon is here again!

Posted on : 09 Dec, 2014 02:04PM

Monsoon, the season to enjoy pouring rains, sitting near the window and sipping a cup of hot tea. But have you got your home ready to face the harsh season? Here are some quick tips to maintain a healthy home this monsoon.

  • Walls & Roofs

    Rainwater seeping through the cracks in the exterior walls can make the surface damp. Excessive dampness can weaken the structure of the building. Its always recommended to get such gaps filled before monsoon arrives. Periodic painting can also help in reducing dampness due to surface cracks. Ensure that there is no accumulation of waste materials or leaves on the roof top and that the drains on the roof are functional.

  • Outside the home and yard

    Water stagnation during monsoon leads to breeding of mosquito, so ensure there is no water stagnation around the house. Make sure to trim weak and ready-to-fall branches of the trees around. All drains should be cleared off leaves and debris that may block free flow of water through them.

  • Electrical systems

    Electrical installations outside homes like pumps and motors must be properly covered and protected from rain to avoid damage. All electrical safety devices should be tested and alternate sources of energy like batteries and inverters, to face constant power outages should be checked.

  • Ventilation

    Avoid dampness inside the house by allowing enough ventilation Make sure there is enough cross-ventilation and there is flow of fresh air in the house before the rain pours down.

  • Keeping away insects

    Rain brings with it an army of insects to your home. Regular pest check-up will keep pests at bay. Putting camphor, neem leaves or cloves in the cupboard, between clothes will keep insects like silver fish away. Termites can increase in humid conditions, so ensure low dampness.

  • Carpet Care

Roll away all your expensive carpets and use washable and moisture-resistant acrylic carpets. Keep your carpets well wrapped in plastic to avoid moisture accumulation inside it.

  • Indoor plants

Go for some artificial plants inside the house during monsoons. Its better to reduce the greenery as plants tend to increase dampness inside the house. Its the time of the year for your potted plants to get some rain water, so put them out!

  • Furnitures

Wooden and leather furnitures would require special care during monsoons, as the moisture in the air and dampness around may lead to damages.

    • Interiors

      Brighten up your rooms this monsoon with some fun and cozy colours. Paint the walls with some warm colours like yellow, orange and red to jazz up the rooms.

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