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Easy Gardening!

Posted on : 09 Dec, 2014 02:06PM

Picture perfect garden is a longing of every garden lover. In today's world it is often quite difficult for a garden-lover to find quality time to maintain his/her garden as perfect as they desire to see it. Gardens need special attention for seasons of colours and fragrance. Enjoying the beauty of your garden is always a pleasing experience, however big or small your garden is. For all whom time is the major concern of maintaining gardens, here are some easy tips that would give you green without fret and frenzy! Get them potted: Buy potted plants from nurseries or even from friend's and relatives garden. This definitely cuts down the fuss of planting and growing your favorite flowering plants, you get it all ready in a pot. It's an easy way to own healthy flowering plants overnight, without investing on its initial pampering! Add some shades: Add shades to your garden by planting non-flowering plants in bright coloured pots. Even if your garden is dry with no flowers, these pots can surely add vibrance and jazz. Try planting some herbs in coloured planters to pep up your garden. While choosing shades, ocean blue, sun-kissed yellow or brick red proves to be the best. Water sprinklers:Large lawns demand watering almost everyday. This would demand good amount of your time, so its wise to invest on sprinkler system that would water your lawn just to the right amount without much of fuss. Magic Flower-pots: Self watering flower-pots can reduce the time and effort you would require to water your favorite plants. It is advisable to get some of the self-watering pots for your garden. These pots and baskets reserve a supply of water at its base, which needs to be topped-up just once in few days. Discipline and Shade: Keep your plants in place, create a border around your lawn, this would give it a trimmed look. If you have container gardening as part of your effort, make sure its placed in cool and shaded area, as these plants needs to be watered more often in summer. Keep away weeds: Smartest way to keep away weeds naturally is to plant weed-hating plants and herbs like thymes. Planting these between gaps and in borders would help to keep away unwanted plants in your garden. Using gravels and other paving stones can also help in keeping away weeds in the garden. Mowers: Keeping the lawn trimmed and clean would require good amount of your time. So why not depend on lawn mowers for it. You could also look for automatic mowers for much faster and easier work! No Mess: Prevent dirt accumulation under your nails while working in garden using a bar of soap. Draw the fingernails across the bar of soap and it will seal the underneath of your nails from dirt, which can easily be washed off using nailbrush once you are done! Get started today, reduce your slogging and enjoy the grace of your perfect garden!

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