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Living Room for your family!

Posted on : 09 Dec, 2014 02:06PM

Family living room is the most crucial space around which the whole house gravitates. It is the space that reflects the taste of the home owner. Living room for a family is the right place in your home to relax after a busy day and socialise with family and friends. Your place of prestige should also be designed and planned to welcome guests who might be your friends or even family!

Let's give a check on what needs to be kept in mind when we plan our family living room, here are few things to add in your checklist:

  • Space: While considering the size of your family living room, give more importance to the comfort and convenience it should offer. If you wish to plan your living room as the place to watch television, it would be advisable to go for a larger and much comfortable space.

  • Furniture: Its your family room, so let it reflect your choice of furnitures. Since its the place where your family would want to spend time together watching television or even spend time chatting, funiture should also be selected accordingly. Your living room could include rocking chairs, floor cushions or anything that match with your comfort and taste. Deep couches are ideal for lounging, add some colouful cushions to add an extra cozy look. A coffee table in the living room can serve many purposes, so add one to yours too.

  • Colours: You can add colours to your living room with paints of your choice or with wallpapers, wall decals or anything that can add vibrance to your living space. As living rooms are where you would spend most of your time, its better not to use dark paint colours as people tend to loose interest in such colours easily.

  • Lighting: Family living room should reflect happiness, so make sure the lighting of it is done accordingly. Use warm lighting to give it a cozy feel. Its important to avoid lights that would cast glare on your television, so ensure that doesn't happen even if its sunlight peeping in from the windows.

  • Furnishing: Family's space need not be formal, so your furnishing can be filled with colours that pleases you. Use more than one colour or printed designs for curtains and blinds to pump in some fun to your living room. While choosing curtains and blinds make sure you get enough privacy yet it should let in enough sunshine.

  • Accessories: Your living room is the right place to place family photographs and collections. So add some life to your living space with photographs, painting done by someone at home or anything similar to jazz up the ambiance.

  • Rugs and Carpets:Use rugs and carpets in your family living space to give it a more cozy appearance and to differentiate it from a regular living room.

  • Storage: With television comes CD's, music systems and other similar things that needs proper storage. You could plan out rack underneath your television to store CD's or books.

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