Splash some colours, its Monsoon time!

Splash some colours, its Monsoon time!

Posted on : 09 Dec, 2014 02:05PM

Experience the enthralling monsoons, the winds and the raindrops and everything that makes the season enchanting. It brings with it splash of vibrant colours that can awe any eyes that witness the charm of nature.

Its the season when everyone wishes to stay warm and snuggle up under the blanket when it pours heavily outside the home. A change in decor style can bring about the warmth you desire to your interiors too So here are some decor ideas to try for this monsoon, jazz it up and have a lively season.


  • Monsoon, not being an ideal time for painting your walls, add colours to your rooms with your curtains, cushions, lamp shades and other accessories.

  • Splash some hues of reds, yellows and oranges to your living spaces to add warmth.

  • Avoid using dark colours at home like black and grey, as it creates a dull ambiance, just as it is outside!

  • Try some vibrant coloured wall decals that can increase the charm of your living space.

  • Make use of soft pure cotton and other light fabric linens which would not gather much moisture or stay damp throughout.

  • Its advisable to replace blinds and dark curtains with drapes of lighter shades that allows enough sunlight to enter your home to counter the dampness of the weather.

  • Artworks, pictures, flower vases can also be used creatively to add colour to living rooms.

  • Decorate center tables, window sills and even bed side tables with dry flowers or potpourri of vibrant colours to add some jazz and fragrance.

  • Choose bright coloured bed spreads for your bedrooms. Warm colours like red and yellow can beat the humidity in the air.

  • Deep coloured or vibrant pop-art shade upholstery can keep out the dull weather.

  • Avoid using leather upholstery as it tends to get damp easily.

  • Induce vibrancy to living rooms by using various coloured mats made of durable materials, preferably easily cleanable ones.

  • To make your room look more airy and spacious, use special lightings and decorative fixtures and use it to illuminate the entire room.


Make this monsoon happy and lively with colours around you!

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